Best Atelier Colognes in 2021 – Reviews

Atelier is a fragrance house that was founded in 2009 by Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel. Together, they would create their first five colognes, and then over the years, they would create a variety of other exciting colognes. They would go on to receive the Fifi Award—an award given away by the Fragrance Foundation—in 2012.

Over the past 21+ years, this fragrance house has continued to innovate and create fragrances that both men and women can enjoy; Fragrances that include sunny citrus notes, bright flower concoctions, wild musks, and even addictive Oriental fragrances. That’s why we’ve decided to review and introduce to our readers the best Atelier colognes available.

Best Atelier Colognes

10. Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine

Orange Sanguine is part of this fragrance house’s Joie de Vivre line and it was initially launched in 2010. This fragrance is designed to be an energetic citrus base that rests upon an exotic Oriental base of notes. Its top notes include the strong citrus scents of blood orange and bitter orange; its heart notes are resplendent with the flowery and feminine notes of jasmine and geranium, and its base notes consist of Tonka bean, amber, and sandalwood. This unique combination of fragrances, along with this cologne’s moderate sillage and longevity make it a cologne that’s perfect for summer. It’s also a good fragrance for consumers to pair with spicier, earthier notes for fall use.

9. Atelier Vanille Insensee Cologne Absolue

Vanille Insensee was first launched in 2011, and it was designed to be a unisex fragrance that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. It uses a contrast between the opposing scents of vanilla bean and wood moss to create something that singularly unique. The top of this fragrance contains notes of coriander, lime, and citron; Its heart includes notes of vetiver, oakmoss, and jasmine. At its base, the wearer will notice vanilla, amber and oak fragrances that ground the whole fragrance and increases its appeal. And although this scent has only a moderate sillage, it’s a fragrance that lasts a very long time.

8. Atelier Rose Anonyme

One of the things that put people off by rose-themed fragrances is that they tend to come out hard and hit the wearer right in the olfactory nerve. This often makes people think of rose-themed colognes as something their great aunt would wear and not something to be seen as a modern fragrance. Fortunately, this cologne shatters that myth entirely. This is a modern rose fragrance that we feel many people are going to love. Sure, it comes out hard with top notes of Turkish rose, but once that initial hit fades, it matures into something a little more sophisticated. Some of the notes that can be found in this fragrance include ginger, patchouli, and bergamot.

7. Atelier Pomelo Paradis Cologne Absolue

Launched in 2015, Pomelo Paradis is a fragrance that’s suitable for both men and women. It has top notes of pink grapefruit, black currant, and Mandarin orange; heart notes of mint, orange blossoms, and Bulgarian roses; and base notes of iris, vetiver, and amber. All of that comes together to make a cologne with a soft and gentle sillage but also one that has a good amount of longevity to it. It’s a great fragrance to wear during the spring and summer months and is more of a daytime cologne than it is a nighttime one. Taking all of that into consideration, it’s easy to see why this invigorating and fresh scent is loved by so many people and considered one of the best Atelier colognes.

6. Atelier Cedrat Enivrant Cologne

Another fine unisex cologne from Atelier is Cedrat Enivrant. This cologne was initially launched in 2013 and is considered by many to be the perfect summer and daytime wear cologne. This product has top notes of bergamot, lime, and citron; heart or middle notes of juniper, basil, and mint; and base notes of Canarium luzonicum (elemi), vetiver, and Tonka bean. It’s also a fragrance that isn’t too heavy and is well known for its moderate sillage and longevity. Some people have stated that since its such a mild fragrance, no one can overuse it as they go about their day.

5. Atelier Trefle Pur Cologne

Designed by renowned fragrance designer Jerome Epinette, this cologne is a modern reinterpretation of classic fragrances. At its very top, this cologne has notes of cardamom, basil, and bitter orange. At its base are notes of musk, moss, and patchouli. Sandwiched in between its top and bottom fragrances are the notes of violet, neroli, and fresh clover. All of these fragrances blend to create a beautiful modern scent with moderate sillage and longevity. It’s a scent that can be worn anywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom and is designed to be suitable for both men and women. It’s a scent that’s inspiring and has a bit of magic to it.

4. Atelier Blanche Immortelle Absolue Spray

Blanche Immortelle Absolue Spray is a fragrance that was released in 2014 and is designed to be a cologne that’s specifically suitable for both men and women. It’s an Oriental fragrance that’s centered around the Immortelle plant—a fragrant West Indian plant. Its top notes bergamot, orange, and mimosa. Its heart notes include Immortelle, Jasmine Sambac, and Turkish rose. All of this rests on a base of sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli—a combination of fragrances that seem to center the whole elixir. Its moderate sillage and longevity are also ideal for wearing throughout the year and day or night. Its a woody and warm fragrance many people are going to love.

3. Atelier Clementine California Cologne Absolue

Clementine California Cologne Absolue is a rather young fragrance from Atelier that was only released in 2016. However, even in that short amount of time, it’s managed to set itself apart from many of the fragrances in its category marketed by other perfumers. This citrus aromatic scent has top notes of juniper, clementine, and Mandarin orange; heart notes of star anise, pepper, and basil; and base notes of vetiver, cypress, and sandalwood. Although some people have complained that its sillage and longevity are a bit on the fleeting side, we found this to be an intriguing scent that immediately lifts the spirits when it’s applied to the skin and dries down to an alluring citrus scent.

2. Atelier Pacific Lime Cologne

Pacific Lime is a fragrance that was originally launched in 2018 and is designed to be the perfect summer scent. It’s a fragrance that’s supposed to remind the wearer of tropical beaches and that’s a goal that it accomplished quite well. That’s because they’ve used limes sourced from Mexico, lemons sourced from fair Italian orchards, and fine coconut sourced from tropical islands. they then blend all of those fine fragrances with a bit of mint, a bit of eucalyptus, and a whole lot of artistry. The result is a cologne that’s perfect for wearing during the spring and summer months and is a perfect fragrance for any tropical vacation.

1. Atelier Musc Imperial Cologne Absolue

Atelier Musc Imperial Cologne is a fragrance that’s supposed to be the embodiment of the city of Barcelona in fragrance form and was officially launched in 2015. Although we can’t say whether this fragrance was capable of successfully capturing the city of Barcelona in all of its splendor, we can say that this is an intriguing scent with a moderate sillage and lots of longevity. It’s formulated with top notes of sage, black currants, and bergamot; middle notes of lavender, leather, and fig; and base notes of cedar and musk mallow. All three layers of fragrances come together in a way that makes this one of the most memorable scents we’ve experienced in quite some time.

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A Guide To Atelier Colognes

After researching Atelier colognes to find the best ones possible, we became completely infatuated with this brand and wanted to learn everything we could about the company and the great fragrances they have created over the years. The result of our newfound passion is the guide that you’re currently reading. A guide that we hope will help our readers gain a better understanding of this brand—which in turn, we hope helps make them more knowledgeable in their pursuit of the best Atelier cologne for them.

The History Of Atelier Cologne

To truly understand the fragrances produced by Atelier, you first have to understand the company behind those fragrances. After all, it’s our firm belief that the mission statement and history of a perfumier translates directly to their fragrances. That’s why we’d like to get into the history of this company a little bit before moving on to the colognes this company produces.

The company officially started when Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel fell in love in New York and decided not only to start a partnership in love, but also a partnership in the fragrance industry. And the couple does make the ideal team for a cologne company if we do say so ourselves. Sylvie gets some of her idea from her travels, and Christophe has gotten quite a lot of inspiration from his time living in Paris. This allows the company, which started in 2009, to create some very inspired fragrances indeed.

Their first line of colognes was the Cologne Absolue line. This line was started with 5 different fragrances at first. Their Cologne Absolue line was designed with three main characteristics that allowed it to distinguish itself from many of the designer fragrances available. These colognes start with a powerful burst of citrus in its top notes, powerful base notes that hold up the scent profile of the cologne, and a star ingredient. The star ingredient is the most powerful ingredient of the cologne and stands out from the rest of the cologne’s scent profile.

Through the years, this company would continue to release new fragrances and even accessories such as their engraved leather cases. In 2011, they would open up their first boutique in New York, and then they would create their most famous and noteworthy fragrance: Orange Sanguine—a cologne that won the Fifi Award in 2012.

Atelier’s Main Cologne Lines

Now that we understand some of the best Atelier colognes and the history behind the company, it’s time for us to turn our attention to some of the other fragrances that they’ve created over the two-plus decades they’ve been making fragrances. Although we may not be able to cover all 42+ colognes in their collection, we can cover some of the ones that we feel are representative of each line.


This line consists of fragrances that combine a blend of bright citruses with mythical wood essences to create colognes that are sophisticated and casual at the same time. Some of the fragrances in this collection include:

  • Jasmin Angelique
  • Musc Imperial
  • Roe Anonyme
  • Vetiver Fatal
  • Vanille Insensee

Joie De Vivre

This line consists of sparkling sun-infused citrus notes that provide the wearer with a joyful feeling throughout their day. These are refreshing summer scents that are adored by energetic people. Some of the colognes in this line include:

  • Bergamote Soleil
  • Love Osmanthus
  • Cedrate Envirant
  • Orange Sanguine
  • Pacific Lime
  • Pomelo Paradis

Chic Absolu

The Chic Absolu line has fragrances that incorporate quality urban musks with intimate citrus scents. This creates a line of fragrances that’s contemporary, elegant, and perfect for the boardroom or the bedroom. Some of the scents that can be found in this fragrance include the following:

  • Grand Neroli
  • Oolong Infini
  • Iris Rebelle
  • Trefle Pur

Haute Couture (Addictive Orientals)

This collection of perfumes uses the best Oriental fragrances in the world and supports them with extremely radiant citrus fruits. They provide a luxurious sillage and envelops the wearer in a scent that lasts all day. Some of the fragrances in this line include:

  • Mimosa Indigo
  • Poivre Electrique
  • Tobacco Nuit
  • Encens Jinhae

We think that it should be easy for just about anyone to see that this is a company that thrives on the cutting edge of making some of the best modern classical colognes available. They make beautiful unisex colognes that stick with the wearer and help them make the most of their days and their nights. It’s no wonder this fragrance house has enjoyed somewhat of a wave of popularity over the last few years. And we hope that it’s a fragrance house that will continue to release exciting perfumes for many years to come.