Best Cheap Perfumes in 2021 – Reviews

Saying a particular perfume is cheap means different things to different people. Some people will consider it to mean the price of it to cost less than the name brands and other people will consider it to mean that the quality of the perfume is inferior. And still, other people will think it means both. We, on the other hand, have a different idea as to what actually constitutes a cheap perfume.

In our estimation, an inexpensive perfume is one that has the same quality of a name brand perfume or cologne but doesn’t cost a whole lot of money. Although you may be thinking that no such product exists in reality, we have actually found ten of them and listed them below. The following are high-quality perfumes that are also pretty inexpensive.

Best Cheap Perfumes

10. Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum

This scent was first launched in 2015 by the pop star Ariana Grande, and it would be an underestimate to say that it made a splash. This perfume comes in a beautiful bottle, but it’s not the design of its bottle which makes an impression. The fragrance in this bottle contains top notes of raspberry, grapefruit, and pear. It’s middle notes consist mainly of rose, lily-of-the-valley and vanilla orchid. Although all of these notes may be similar to the formulations of other cheap perfumes, it’s the base notes which really sets it apart. That’s because the base of this fragrance contains not only wood and musk notes, but it also has a touch of marshmallow. It’s a delicate and sweet perfume that really makes an impression.

9. One Direction Our Moment

Floral, fruity and musky are just some of the adjectives you can use to describe One Direction Our Moment. This product has a moderate sillage and good longevity to it. Its top notes include red currant, pink grapefruit, and forest fruits. This perfume’s middle notes contain hints of jasmine and freesia, and this perfume’s base notes smell like a blend of woods, patchouli, and musk. Overall, it’s a well-balanced blend that isn’t overpowering. And unlike other inexpensive perfumes that are sold online and in stores, it doesn’t contain strong alcohol notes. Which makes this product a better perfume than its price would suggest.

8. Katey Perry Killer Queen

Killer Queen is a perfume created by Katy Perry, and the first one she’s done in partnership with Coty. This perfume is named after the Queen song “Killer Queen” and we think it’s a suitable choice for this scent. That song talks about a strong, independent woman who captivates everyone and that’s exactly why it’s a suitable name for this fragrance. It’s got top notes of Bergamot and plum, middle notes of jasmine and celosia, and bottom notes of patchouli and praline. It’s an independent fragrance that immediately grabs your attention and never lets it go.

7. Jessica Simpson Vintage Bloom

You wouldn’t expect a pop star to create a fragrance that could easily become a classic, but it does appear that Jessica Simpson managed to accomplish that feat with Vintage Bloom. This perfume is a call back to the floral fragrances of the past, and it is one of the best smelling perfumes in its price range. This scent has lemon/lime top notes, middle notes that contain raspberry blooms and peony. At its base sit only two notes, musk, and sandalwood, and they do a good job of bringing this whole fragrance together. It’s a perfume that’s destined to become a classic with time.

6. Just Me Paris Hilton

This perfume was launched in 2005 and is basically what you would have if you were able to magically turn Paris Hilton into a fragrance. This cheap perfume is a sweet, powdery fragrance that’s a cocktail of flowers and fruit. It’s uppermost notes, the ones that strike the nose first, contain raspberry, pink pepper, and Bergamot. Its heart contains notes of white rose, freesia, and iris. And finally, the base upon which the entire perfume is based contains earthy scents of Tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, and musk. This scent isn’t all that subtle, but it’s quite a delicious fragrance and it has a youthful vibe to it.

5. Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum

Although we imagine that some women will be turned off by the design of this perfume’s bottle, which is a whimsical cat shape, its contents will probably win them over. That’s because this fragrance has a blend of fruit and florals that is light, airy and quite positive. The whole foundation of this perfume rests upon vanilla, amber, and sandalwood, and it’s this base that lifts up the rest of the scent profile. Its top notes reveal the fruity fragrant scents of pear, tangerine, and jasmine. The middle notes contain honeysuckle and African orange flower. It’s truly a scent that’s inspired and playful.

4. Love Struck By Vera Wang

Love Struck by Vera Wang is both a classic scent designed for women with conventional tastes and a youthful fragrance designed for free-spirits. How can a perfume be both? It does it with its unique scent profile that’s made up of fruity top notes, its flowery heart notes and is earthy base notes. On top, the wearer will smell Mandarin orange, guava, and angelica. In its middle, notes of lotus and tuberose dominate, although a little bit of the angelica continues to make its presence known. When that has finished, the perfume then settles down into wood and musk scents.

3. Live Luxe By Jennifer Lopez

The bottle of this fragrance is almost as exciting as the perfume inside of it. While the bottle has a unique design and contains plenty of colors, the perfume in it is very much a fresh and fruity scent. The first notes it radiates are those of peach, melon, and pear. The next notes to come to the surface are lily-of-the-valley and honeysuckle. And what’s left after the top and heart notes fade are this perfume’s quiet base notes. Notes which contain scents of vanilla, musk, and amber. Although it only has a moderate sillage, it’s got good longevity that lasts longer than even some of the expensive perfumes.

2. Beyonce Heat By Beyonce For Women

This fragrance by Beyonce is very much like the Queen Bee herself. It’s mysterious, sensual and elegant. That’s because it’s created with a unique blend of scents that work in perfect unison to create an inexpensive perfume that seems like it’s more expensive than it actually is. The top notes of this fragrance include whiffs of peach, neroli, orchid, and magnolia. The notes found in its middle include almond, musk, and honeysuckle. At its very base, are subtle notes of amber and Tonka bean—two exciting fragrances which do an amazing job of holding all of the other notes in line.

1. Curious by Britney Spears for Women

This cheap perfume comes in a blue diamond shaped bottle, and it’s marketed towards millennials who are looking for a scent that’s energetic, sensual and effervescent. And that’s exactly what this scent provides. It’s a combination of notes that simply can’t be found in other perfumes. This fragrance has top notes of lotus, pear, and magnolia. Its middle notes are awash with notes of jasmine and tuberose, and it’s base notes have a not so subtle blend of white musk, sandalwoods, and of course, vanilla. All of which makes this perfume by a pop icon one worth checking out.

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Cheap Perfume Guide

There is a lot of value to be found in the perfume market, and even the cheaper products can give you a memorable and distinctive scent that lasts a long time. Still, there are few things to look for and demand from cheap perfume. Because there are products that can be harsh on the skin, or just far too watered down so you shouldn’t bother with them, you need to know what to look for.

The following cheap perfume guide helps you to compromise on the right things, none of which are quality.

What To Look For In Cheap Perfume


This is one of the first things you should consider if you buy cheap perfume, is it going to be so weak that you have to reapply every hour so it doesn’t last very long?

To avoid this, make sure you get a product that comes in a good-sized bottle and isn’t too weak. A happy medium can be in an Eau de Toilette. These don’t have the strength of a perfume or even an Eau de Parfum but will last a while without being too weak.

Reputable Brands

There is a reason people don’t buy cheap perfume from a brand they’ve never heard of. This is because they can be far too watered down, have low-quality ingredients and even be dangerous.

Plus, don’t forget the fact that many reputable brands sell their products in weaker concentrations so you can get famous fragrances for a smaller price.

Celebrity Endorsements

If a famous singer or celebrity puts their name to a perfume, it is going to sift a fair few bottles. It is only going to stick around if it has a great scent so their standards have to be high. You’ll find a multitude of cheap perfumes with the backing of a celebrity and a lot of them are surprisingly good.

Always popular with the younger generation, they make reliable gifts and great options if buying cheap perfume for yourself.


Even though the price is going to be lower than most of the bigger names out there, the quality is not something you should compromise on. Sometimes, you are just paying for the name on the bottle.

Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t last as long as it should when applied, and everything from the applicator to the different notes should be of a high standard.

Pleasant Scent

Match this to your tastest and remember there is a cheap perfume for everyone out there. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer floral notes, musky, fresh, or anything else, there are plenty of brands making quality products within every price range.

Similar Scents

If you know there is a particular brand that you like but it is out of your budget, for now, you can often find a similar scent for a fraction of the price. This might not get you the real deal but it can get you close. The easiest thing to consider if the type of scent and the notes of the fragrances.

Match these with a cheaper brand and you can save yourself some serious money, whilst smelling great.

Buy Online

A lot of the time, the likes of Amazon offer great deals on big brand and celebrity fragrances that you do not get in-store. This is an approach that many people are taking to ensure they get the best deals so you can get cheap perfume without compromising on quality.

Cheap Perfume: Concentration

This is where you can pick up a cheap perfume that smells great and is kind on your purse. The lower the concentration of oils to water and other ingredients, the cheaper the product will generally be. Here are the most common types of perfume concentration:

Parfum – The high end and high concentration version. Expect between 20 – 30{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} concentration from perfume and a bigger price tag. You get a long-lasting scent that will not require a second spritz for some time.

Eau de Parfum – The concentration can vary but anything around 5 – 20{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} is often considered Eau de Parfum. It still lasts a while and can often be quite expensive depending on the brand.

Eau de Toilette – Otherwise known as EDT, this is around 5 – 12{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} concentration and is a common and often cost-effective way of getting a bit brand at a lower price.

Cologne – The cheaper of the concentrations as you get less. Usually 2 – 5{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} concentration and a price tag to match.

What Is The Best Cheap Perfume?

This is a matter of opinion but certain products come close to being everyone’s favorite. The least you can say for some products is that anyone can agree on the quality and value. This is why we selected Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum as our number one cheap perfume.

Its eye-catching bottle and fruity top notes with a hint of marshmallow in there that makes it so popular. It’s been around for a while now, which is always a good sign.