Best Degree Deodorants in 2021 – Reviews

Although many people don’t realize it, Degree Deodorant started out as Rexona in Australia, and this product first hit the market all the way back in 1908. A British soap maker bought the brand in the 1930s, and during the 1960s, Rexona was renamed Degree for sale in the United States. And ever since then, it’s been the choice of anyone looking to fight underarm perspiration and odor.

Of course, consumers shouldn’t just pay attention to this product because it has a long history. No, they should also pay attention to it because it works extremely well and comes in an assortment of unique formulations. Below are some of the most common deodorant formulations developed by Degree and they’re sorted according to how well they work when ranked against one another.

Best Degree Deodorants

10. Degree Men’s Clean Clinical

Plain and simple, this deodorant from Degree provides the maximum amount of odor protection available. This product is capable of delivering 48-hours of odor and wetness protection, so the wearer can go about their day without much trouble at all. It also has a nice scent that can be worn by just about anyone. It’s most definitely a deodorant that anyone should consider if they need some added protection against body odor and armpit wetness.

9. Degree Women Sexy Intrigue Antiperspirant

Women who need the highest level of protection against odor and perspiration will want to take a closer look at this particular deodorant. That’s because it’s designed to provide a full 48-hours of protection, all thanks to Motion Sense Technology. The harder the wearer works, the harder this deodorant works, so it’s good for anyone who leads a physically challenging or stressful life. It will keep the wearer dry and odor free all day, so they can get their daily business done. And since Degree believes that a woman doesn’t have to give up her female sensuality for odor protection, this product also has a pleasant smell that smells like roses, jasmine, amber, and Tahitian vanilla.

8. Degree Women Shower Clean Antiperspirant

Although there’s nothing wrong with many of the unisex deodorants currently available, sometimes a woman wants a deodorant that’s designed to specifically address her own personal needs. And this deodorant is such a product. It’s specifically designed to handle the wetness and odor protection needs of women and is formulated to tackle their sweat’s specific pH levels. This allows it to provide the wearer with up to 24-hours of perspiration and odor protection. It’s an invisible solid, so it goes on the skin without leaving a residue, and it will never stain clothing. And it’s also has a feminine scent that contains notes of fruit, jasmine, and roses.

7. Degree Everest Motion Sense Deodorant

Like so many other Degree deodorants, Everest Antiperspirant is designed to give the wearer with the highest level of underarm odor and wetness protection. This powerful formula is equipped with Motion Sense technology, so it can easily stop sweat and B.O., even when the wearer is pushing their body to the max. The more they move, the harder this deodorant works providing a level of protection often unmatched by competing antiperspirants. And it also has an Everest scent that smells very much like a mountain peak and contains scent notes that remind most people of pine woods covered in a winter snow.

6. Degree Sport Defense Advanced Protection Stick

Athletes and other men who need a high level of odor protection may want to take a closer look at Sport Defense Advanced Protection from Degree. This deodorant is formulated using Motion Sense Technology, which allows the dedorant to provide the wearer the sweat and odor protection that they may need at any given moment. Whether they’re headed off to a long day at work, hitting the gym for an evening workout, or playing a rousing game of football, men will feel more confident when they use this product. This 2.7-ounce deodorant stick is also easy to apply, won’t stain clothes and has a pleasnt scent to it.

5. Degree Men Adventure Advanced Protection

Sometimes a man needs a little more odor and sweat protection than what an ordinary deodorant can provide. There are times when they need a deodorant capable of serving them while they’re on the adventure of their lives. In those instances, this deodorant is ready to provide the wearer with an advanced level of sweat and odor protection. This product can provide the wearer with up to 48-hours of odor protection, and since it contains Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY in its formulation, it’s also capable of stopping sweat before it even occurs. And it’s superior formulation is topped off with a pleasant citrus sweat most men will love.

4. Degree Men’s Motion Sense Dry Spray

Degree Dry Spray Black & White is a spray-on deodorant that’s designed to go on cleanly and to never stain skin or clothing. Unlike some of the lesser quality antiperspirants available on the market nowadays, this spray won’t react with the wearer’s sweat to cause yellow stains on their white shirts and it won’t leave a tell-tale white residue on their black shirts. It’s equipped with Motion Sense Technology, a technology that allows the deodorant to work even harder as the wearer’s body temperature rises. And since it provides up to 48-hours of sweat and armpit odor control, this deodorant will leave the wearer smelling fresh for whatever they need to do.

3. Degree Men Original Protection Cool Rush Deodorant

Although Degree is well known for coming up with a variety of different deodorant formulations, sometimes all a person wants is to use their original formula. Fortunately, for instances where that is indeed the case, this deodorant is ready to provide the original protection that men have expected from this brand. This 2.7-ounce stick goes on clear and provides the exceptional odor protection one would expect from it. And since it’s body-heat activated, it will continue to work harder as the wearer’s body temperature increases. This makes this deodorant ideal for using before a long day of work or before they hit the gym.

2. Degree Girl Just Dance Invisible Solid

This invisible solid deodorant is specifically designed for young women or by women who fancy themselves to be young. It has a very feminine and energetic scent profile that smells like vanilla and red berries, jasmine and freesia, and freshly cut citrus. This scent profile not only smells wonderful but also helps to tamp down any developing underarm odor. This deodorant provides up to 24-hours of odor and wetness protection, so the wearer never has to worry about reapplying to through the course of the day. And this makes it a good deodorant to use before heading to the gym, going to work or hitting the mall.

1. Degree Women Clinical Antiperspirant

This 1.7-ounce stick is designed to give women the odor protection they need, even under stressful circumstances. It’s an antiperspirant that provides up to 48-hours of odor protection and is equipped with Motionsense Technology that actually works better the harder the wearer works. This product has a pleasant natural scent that has a very slight smell of white flowers in a meadow. A light a slightly floral scent that won’t compete with the wearer’s perfume. But don’t let it’s pleasant and feminine scent fool you. This product provides a clinical level of protection against perspiration and armpit odor that can’t be matched by inferior brands.

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