Best Men’s Deodorants For Sensitive Skin in 2021 – Reviews

When you have sensitive skin or are allergic to some of the ingredients in commercial deodorants, it can be a real nightmare. Rashes, red bumps, and a burning sensation are just some of the symptoms that can occur when the wrong deodorant is used. And these symptoms can make a person reluctant to even put on deodorant or antiperspirants in the morning, which can be an issue for the people around the person in question.

What’s a man to do when they have a deodorant sensitivity? Fortunately, there are remedies available to men with sensitive skin who still need to wear deodorant. Actually, we’ve found ten such deodorants that are effective at controlling odor without irritating sensitive skin. So without further ado, we present the ten best men’s deodorants for sensitive skin. Anyone of the following products does a great job dealing with underarm odor, all without being overly harsh.

Best Men’s Deodorants For Sensitive Skin

10. MagSol Sandalwood Sensitive Skin Deodorant

No one knows better than us how difficult it is to find a deodorant for men that have sensitive skin. After all, a deodorant has to not only be gentle on the skin, but it also has to fight odor and have a pleasant scent to even to it, to even make it on our list. This deodorant was not only capable of fulfilling those simple requirements, but it was also capable of soothing underarm skin. That’s probably because it’s made with almond oil, magnesium oxide, and therapeutic-grade essential oils, instead of baking soda, aluminum, triclosan, or parabens. So in essence, it calms down the user’s skin, even as it fights armpit odor. And that makes it one of the best men’s deodorants for men with sensitive skin.

9. Dove Men+ Care Sensitive Shield Stick

This white stick deodorant is specially formulated for men with sensitive skin, so it won’t cause many of the problems that regular deodorants can cause. This product isn’t made with aluminum, parabens or phthalates, so it’s gentler on the skin than just about any commercial deodorant. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this product include hydrogenated castor oil, silicone, and sunflower seed oil. These ingredients are not only widely tolerated by most people’s skins, but can also have a calming effect on the skin as well. That makes this a good deodorant for any man looking to fight odor and wetness without developing an underarm rash.

8. Nasanta Sensitive Skin Men’s Deodorant

This natural deodorant from Nasanta uses high-quality Japanese-sourced magnesium to fight underarm odor and wetness. It uses this mineral because magnesium is better tolerated by the skin and doesn’t cause the irritation that aluminum can cause. This product has been thoroughly tested by the Dermatest Labs in Sydney, Australia to make sure that it’s sensitive on the skin, and won’t cause rashes or red bumps. It’s formulated without potassium alum, fragrances, baking soda or alcohol, so it’s always gentle while it’s doing its job. In fact, it’s so safe to use, it can even be used right after shaving.

7. Vanicream Antiperspirant Deodorant Clinical Strength

This antiperspirant from Vanicream uses a formula that includes cetyl alcohol, silica, and hydrogenated castor oil to fight odor and perspiration all day long. However, this product isn’t just a clinical strength deodorant, it’s also one that’s specifically made for sensitive skin. That means that it doesn’t contain preservatives, formaldehyde, dyes, fragrances, lanolin, or parabens. It’s also gluten-free and contains no botanical extracts that some people may have sensitivities. It’s a deodorant that’s been thoroughly tested by dermatologists to be safe for use on the skin. All of which makes this deodorant suitable for any many who needs extra-strength protection that won’t irritate their skin.

6. Mitchum Sensitive Skin Antiperspirant Deodorant

Mitchum has been making quality deodorants and antiperspirants for some time now, so it’s probably not a big surprise to anyone that they’ve crafted one of the better antiperspirants for sensitive skin. This formula is completely unscented and is designed to go on the user’s skin nice and smooth. It’s a special formula that doesn’t contain many of the irritating ingredients that some commercial deodorants can contain. And since it’s an antiperspirant, it not only stops odor at the source but also prevents sweat from forming in the underarm region. This allows the user to be more comfortable and to go through their day with confidence.

5. Silver Shield Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Not only is this all-natural product designed specifically for sensitive skin, but it’s also capable of providing all-day odor protection. It’s a product that’s fully developed and manufactured in the United States for quality control purposes and is designed with ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin. This product doesn’t contain aluminum, GMO products, parabens, propylene glycol, or any other artificial ingredients. It’s made with true colloidal silver, which helps to stop odor at its source, and essential oil blends that help to cover offensive underarm odors. It’s a high-quality deodorant that’s tough and gentle at the same time, so just about any man can use it.

4. Nivea For Men 48-Hour Sensitive Protect Deodorant

Even men with sensitive skin need a deodorant that can provide odor-protection, so Nivea created this deodorant that’s suitable for sensitive skin and is still very effective. This deodorant is capable of providing up to 48-hours of odor protection, and it does it without causing the bumps, rashes, and red skin that other deodorants cause. This product is capable of accomplishing this task because it’s made without harmful colorants or alcohol. It’s a product that comes in an easy-to-use roll-on that glides on smoothly. And since it’s been tested by dermatologists for effectiveness, consumers can rest assured that this product will be tolerated by their skin.

3. Primal Pit Paste All-Natural Unscented Deodorant

Primal Pit Paste is a men’s deodorant that leaves out just about all of the harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation, sensitivity, and rashes. The ingredients that won’t be found in this deodorant include propylene glycol, aluminum, or parabens. It’s even packed in BPA-free tubes, so the user doesn’t have to worry about this toxin leaking into their deodorant. The quality ingredients that are placed in this deodorant include coconut oil, aluminum-free baking soda, Shea butter, organic arrowroot powder, and organic beeswax. And since it’s manufactured in the U.S., consumers can rest assured it’s made according to strict quality standards.

2. Oars & Alps Fresh Scent Natural Deodorant

What makes a deodorant less likely to irritate sensitive skin? Well, a number of ingredients can be removed from commercial deodorants that can make them easier on a person’s skin. For example, a deodorant can leave out alcohol, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, glycol, and sulfates. And those are exactly the ingredients that this formula has decided to leave out. However, even though it doesn’t contain those harsh ingredients, it’s still capable of dealing with underarm odor. That’s because it uses corn starch to absorb odors and natural botanicals to add some armpit freshness to the mix. That makes this American-made product suitable for anyone with deodorant sensitivities.

1. Tom’s of Maine Natural Deep Forest Deodorant

Although this isn’t specifically marketed as a men’s deodorant for sensitive skin, it is made with ingredients that are easier on a man’s skin that many of the commercial deodorants available. This product is aluminum-free, a common irritant for many men, and it is also free of artificial fragrances that can also be irritating to the skin. This product also doesn’t contain any artificial colors, doesn’t contain any preservatives, and has no animal-based ingredients in it. And since it’s main odor-fighting ingredient is hops, this deodorant is capable of fighting underarm odor for up to 24-hours at a time.

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