Best Natural Deodorants in 2021 – Reviews

Buying natural deodorants is the first step anyone can make towards a healthier lifestyle. These type of deodorants are made without the use of harmful or toxic ingredients, so they’re not only safer to use but are also better tolerated than other types of deodorants. This makes them especially useful for people with sensitive skin or specific chemical allergies.

However, that’s not to say that it’s easy to buy one of these types of deodorants. After all, every day it appears there are more and more “natural” products released to the public. And unfortunately, not all of them are as natural as they would appear. So, in order to cut through some of the confusion, we decided to find out which of the deodorants marketed as natural really are the best.

Best Natural Deodorants

10. Alvera All Natural Roll-On Deodorant

During our research, we’ve discovered that it can be quite difficult to find a roll-on deodorant that’s also natural. Fortunately, we found this one and we have to say it’s a pretty good product. In fact, we’re going to state that it’s the best natural deodorants on this list. This product goes on smoothly and is designed to never irritate the skin. And the ingredients that can be found in it are quite simple. All that’s in this product is an aloe vera gel, herb water, Alcloxa, glyceryl stearate, gum arabic, whole oat protein, grapefruit seed extract, fragrance, tea, comfrey, and witch hazel. A natural formulation for a natural product.

9. Fromonda Cool Mint Dry Deodorant

Although this product is technically a body powder, many people use it as an all-natural dry-deodorant. This product is free of talcum-powder and goes on smoothly where ever it’s applied. It’s been certified vegan and contains absolutely no animal by-products, parabens, artificial fragrances or artificial colors. This powder is also safely made in the United States and is made from an expertly blended formulation of essential oils, minerals, and botanicals. This odor-reducing, moisture absorbing formula contains corn starch, baking soda, tapioca root starch, lime powder, spearmint powder, and arrowroot powder.

8. Native Deodorant

Although some people may not like the way this deodorant is applied to the underarm area, there is one thing that people will like, and that’s just how well this deodorant work. Goes on Easy- Native Deodorant is a solid deodorant that you can apply easily. Since the deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum, it won’t stain your clothes. This comes with a roll-on. This organic deodorant is made using nothing but natural ingredients which includes baking-soda free. This means that this product is not only baking-soda free but is also free of aluminum, gluten, parabens, synthetic, and genetically modified organisms. Plus, since it’s never tested on animals, it’s also cruelty-free, too.

7. MagSol Rose Magnesium Deodorant

This quality deodorant is only made from four different ingredients and nothing else. These four ingredients include beeswax, therapeutic essential oils, non-comedogenic sweet almond oil, and magnesium oxide. It’s a smooth formula that glides on the wearer’s skin easily and is free of triclosan, parabens, phthalates, and aluminum. This not only makes it a more natural formulation but also makes it easier on the wearer’s skin. What’s really great about this organic deodorant, however, is that it doesn’t disturb the skin’s natural pH level, so it won’t cause skin irritation or allergic rashes while it’s working to eliminate the wearer’s underarm odors.

6. Thai Crystal Active Deodorant

Although most people are used to reading long ingredients lists to find out what’s in their deodorant, people looking for a natural product won’t have to do it with this deodorant. That’s because this product only has one ingredient on its label and that one ingredient is 100{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} potassium alum. This natural agent, which is also known as natural mineral salts, eliminates odor right at the source and doesn’t disrupt the pH balance of the wearer’s skin. And since it only contains this one ingredient, wearers can rest assured that it doesn’t contain any No Aluminum Chlorohydrate or any potentially toxic chemicals.

5. Underarmed Active Botanical Luxury Deodorant

Designed to keep the user fresh all-day long, this unscented deodorant is made with a variety of high-quality botanicals that are capable of eliminating underarm odor. Some of the natural ingredients that can be found in this product include organic coconut oil, beeswax, sodium bicarbonate, organic avocado butter, sunflower oil, castor bean oil, hydrogen peroxide and vitamin E. One of the most surprising ingredients in this formulation, however, has to be raw organic honey. A product that many people use on their morning toast but also an ingredient that has potent antibacterial properties. These ingredients allow it to fight body odor, but to do it naturally.

4. Bali Secrets Original Essence Deodorant

Natural deodorants are not only for people who want to avoid artificial ingredients, but it’s also for people who have specific allergies or sensitive skin conditions. No one knows this better than the manufacturer’s of this deodorant, Bali Secrets. They’ve created a formula that’s not only free of the usual bad actors in deodorant and antiperspirant products but has also remove ingredients that can cause rashes such as baking soda. This means that this deodorant is Aluminum Chlorohydrate-free, Zirconium-free, triclosan-free and phthalate-free. It also doesn’t contain synthetic preservatives, so it’s safe for all skin types.

3. Stick Up Vegan Deodorant

Vegan deodorants are made using all different types of organic and natural ingredients, but this one is a little different from the rest. That’s because it’s made with hemp seed oil, an ingredient that’s underutilized in deodorants in our opinion. It also contains magnesium and zinc oxide in it, so it won’t disrupt the wearer’s natural skin pH balance, but it will go a long way to get rid of armpit odor. And since some people are allergic to baking soda products, this deodorant has decided to remove it from their formulation. Instead, they use bentonite clay and arrowroot powder in its place. It’s just a natural formulation that works quite well.

2. Humble All-Natural Unisex Deodorant

This 2.5-ounce deodorant stick is manufactured in the USA from all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients, so the wearer can rest assured they are getting the highest-quality product available. It’s hand-crafted in small batches to maintain quality control, and it is always free of dyes, artificial bactericides, parabens, alcohol, and aluminum. In fact, it’s free of many of the tox chemicals that are found in some commercial deodorant formulations. And since it’s only made with 5 natural ingredients, the wearer doesn’t have to spend a whole lot of time tracking down what’s in it. They can just use it and go about their day.

1. Raw Earth Organic Deodorant

This natural deodorant is manufactured in Fort Wayne, Indiana in hand-made batches using only the highest quality organic ingredients. This product is only made with only a few different ingredients, and these ingredients include coconut oil, carnauba wax, arrowroot powder, Shea butter, magnesium hydroxide, lemon essential oil, lime essential oil, and thyme essential oils. These natural ingredients all work together to reduce armpit odor and to give the wearer all-day protection. And since this product doesn’t contain aluminum, soy, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, GMO product or BPA, it’s safe to use all day, every day.

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