Best Rose Perfumes in 2021 – Reviews

It seems like every year a new fragrance become trendy enough to capture the public’s imagination. One year, it’s the sweet but subtle scent of hyacinth flowers. The next year it’s the smell of citrus or maybe the earthy scent of sandalwood. However, while these trends come and go, there’s one floral scent that manages to last from year to year. And that fragrance is the sweet scent of roses. It’s a perennial classic everyone can love.

Rose scented fragrances have been a staple of the perfume industry since the Middle Ages. And there’s a good reason why this scent has remained so popular. It’s not only the scent that people most closely associated with love and/or spring, but it’s also a scent that makes women feel feminine. Having stated that fact, let’s take a closer look at the best rose perfumes currently available.

Best Rose Perfumes

10. Jean Charles Brosseau Ombre Rose For Women

Some perfumes place their rose notes right upfront, and this can cause the scent to be somewhat overpowering. Ombre Rose is a perfume that’s a little bit different, however. That’s because it doesn’t place the scent right up front but instead places it into the perfume’s middle notes along with notes of Ylang-Ylang, Lilly-of-the-Valley, cedar, sandalwood, and orris root. At its front, it has the much more subtle notes of peaches and Brazillian rosewood. And this cacophony of notes is supported by the very much grounded notes of cinnamon, Tonka Bean, honey, and vanilla. All of which together to make a sophisticated and beautiful perfume profile.

9. Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum Spray

Stella McCartney Stella Eau De Parfum Spray, 100ml/3.3oz

This rose perfume was created by Jacques Cavallier and was released to the general public in 2003. This scent features a very feminine and rose-centric profile that makes a woman feel like a woman. It does this by not only placing the rose notes right in front but also adds a host of supporting players to support that floral scent. Some of the notes that can be found in this fragrance include amber, peony, and Mandarin orange notes. This perfume claims to be the router to pure feminity, and it just might be right because this is one of the more delightful rose fragrances available.

8. The Perfumer’s Workshop LTD Tea Rose Spray

Produced by the Perfumer’s Workshop, this high quality rose fragrance is sure to delight the senses of anyone wearing it or those people around it. Although this scent is very similar to rose water, it has a little bit more complexity to it that we think many people will appreciate. Some of the notes that will be found in this enticing perfume include not only roses but also rosewood, Bergamot, lily, jasmine, Tuberose, cedar, and sandalwood. It’s a great perfume for people who want that bouquet of roses smell that doesn’t smell like a scent that would be used by your great aunt.

7. Pacifica Beauty Persian Rose Spray

This rose perfume not only smells great, but it’s also an animal-friendly product. It’s not only made with ingredients that are 100{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} vegan, but it’s also made to be a completely cruelty-free product. That allows women to keep their conscious clean as they continue to enjoy the scents found in this floral fragrance. Speaking of fragrance notes, this formula contains not only powerful rose notes, but also has notes of jasmine, and honey as well. And since it’s made in small batches, consumers can rest assured of its high quality. And finally, this perfume is free of many harmful ingredients including parabens and phthalates.

6. Vera Wang Embrace Rose Buds & Vanilla EDT

Vera Wang might be a household name, but not a whole lot of people are familiar with their Embrace Rose Buds & Vanilla EDT. This scent was initially released in 2015, and in our opinion, it really hasn’t received the attention that it should have received on the first release. This perfume has top notes of roses and Mandarin oranges, and middle notes of magnolia and iris flowers. This floral architecture is then upheld by this scent’s base notes that include the wondrous scents of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. All of which come together to make a sweet and warm perfume any woman will love.

5. L’Occitane Roses et Reines EDT

Contained in a simple, fluted bottle, this perfume is ready to deliver a scent sensation to anyone who wears it. This unique formula has very pronounced rose middle notes that smell like they used a whole bouquet of flowers in their formulation. Not only can a person smell Bulgarian roses in this perfume, but they can also smell Turkish, Morrocan and Grasse roses as well. And this fragrance is supported by notes of white cedar and musk and is introduced to the wearer’s nose with notes of cassia and bergamot. It really is one of the more powerful rose fragrances currently available.

4. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle EDP Spray

This perfume was initially launched in 2007 and is contained within a very recognizable square bottle. However, what’s important about this fragrance isn’t the fact that it’s been around for a while or its iconic bottle, but the scents that are contained within its bottle. Unlike some other perfumes on this list, this fragrance doesn’t put roses at its top notes. Instead, it places it in the middle, alongside notes of jasmine. When initially applied, this perfume has a citrus smell of bergamot and oranges, and it’s only after it’s been on awhile that the rose scents begin to come to the surface. That makes it a rose scent that isn’t too pronounced, but just has a hint of roses.

3. Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin

Anyone who feels like these type of perfumes only feature Bulgarian or English rose scents evidently hasn’t tried this perfume. That’s because this fragrance highlights the floral scent of rose but incorporates it into an oriental scent that’s spicy and has good longevity to its scent. This formula has top notes of rose and geraniums, middle notes of palmarosa and base notes of honey, moss, and patchouli. Another thing to like about this perfume is that its sillage isn’t too heavy, so it can be worn with confidence and without having anyone having to worry about offending those around them.

2. Woods of Windsor True Rose Toilette Spray

This Eau de Toilette Spray for women was initially launched in 2001 and has been available ever since. Unlike some of the stronger rose perfumes available, this one doesn’t just feature this one flower in its formula. It also features two other scents that help to support its musky Bulgarian rose scent. The other two notes that can be found in this formula include freesia and geranium. These are two scents that would ordinarily be supporting players in other floral perfumes but work hand-in-hand with the main scent of this fragrance to create something that’s feminine and very fresh.

1. Lancome Trésor Midnight Rose Spray

This quality rose perfume was first released in 2011 and has been a favorite of many people ever since. It’s such a favorite because it not only features roses as its prime scent, but this classic floral scent is also supported by an exciting host of supporting players. Besides the smell of red roses, this perfume also has top notes of fruity raspberry. The middle notes of this perfume include the scents of pink pepper, peony, and jasmine. And this elaborate architecture is supported by a sturdy base of notes that include the scents of vanilla, cedar, and white musk.

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