Best Secret Deodorants in 2021 – Reviews

Secret is a deodorant brand that was first introduced in 1956 to address the perspiration and body odor needs of women. Two years later, in 1958, they would introduce their Ice Blue Roll-On and it was designed to be easy-to-use, discrete and to be as feminine as it is powerful. Over the years, this brand continued to produce high-quality deodorants that were effective and powerful.

These days, there’s such a huge selection of deodorants by this brand that it can be difficult for the average person to find the one that suits them. That’s why we’ve decided to figure out which of their products are the best ones so our readers can find the one appropriate for them. So without further ado, below are the top Secret deodorants available.

Best Secret Deodorants

10. Secret Antiperspirant Summer Berry Scent

This Secret Deodorant is strong enough for a man but is made for women. It’s been pH balanced to address the special needs of women, and it provides a full 48-hours of odor protection. It’s capable of stopping perspiration as well and do it without causing the irritation that other antiperspirants do. And it also has a Summer Berry Scent that anyone can appreciate. Since it’s a Secret antiperspirant, it also goes on smoothly and does it without causing white marks. Taking everything into consideration, it’s easy to see why this deodorant belongs in just about any woman’s medicine cabinet.

9. Secret Antiperspirant Shower Fresh Scent

This deodorant by Secret shares traits with many of the other deodorants in this lineup. It’s pH-balanced to fit the unique chemistry of a woman, it’s designed to provide 48-hours of odor protection, and it’s designed to stop perspiration before it even starts. This product even goes on easily and doesn’t leave white marks when it’s been applied. What really makes this product exceptional, however, is its Shower Fresh Scent. This scent is probably one of the best fragrances used by this company, and not only smells helps to make underarm odor but it actually smells like a woman.

8. Secret Antiperspirant Luxe Lavender Scent

Not only does this product contain 30{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} more deodorant than leading brands, but it also has quite a lovely scent of lavender that smells extremely feminine to the nose. This product goes on smoothly and never leaves any white marks either on the wearer’s skin or on their clothing. The real beauty of this product, however, is that it contains more product than other brands or that it has a pleasant smell. What makes it stand head and shoulders above some of the other antiperspirants manufactured by other companies is that it provides a full 48-hours of odor and wetness protection.

7. Secret Scent Expressions Invisible Solid

Using the right ingredients, just about any antiperspirant can stop odors and provide wetness protection. However, not every deodorant is pH balanced so that it works with the wearer’s body chemistry instead of against it. Fortunately, this product is pH-balanced for women, so it’s naturally more effective at preventing odors than competing deodorants. This product will provide the wearer with 48-hours of odor protection that will give the wearer the confidence they need to make it through their day. And since it has a nice cocoa butter scent, many wearers will find it simply irresistible. It’s most definitely a product capable of handling most people’s odor and wetness protection needs.

6. Secret Antiperspirant Deodorant Ball

The problem with many different deodorants is not the product that’s contained within their packaging, it’s the packaging itself. Many deodorants are the wrong size or are just awkward to carry and use. This Secret Deodorant Ball attempts to solve that problem by completely redesigning their product. It’s in the shape of a small ball that’s small enough to keep in a desk drawer, in a pocket or in a purse. This allows it to be used anywhere and everywhere it’s needed. And since this ball is manufactured by Secret, it contains a deodorant that can provide up to 48-hours of wetness and odor protection, too.

5. Secret Outlast Protecting Powder Scent

We could say some of the same things about this deodorant as we have about all the other deodorants manufactured by this brand. What we mean is that we can say that it stops odor before it even starts, helps prevent wetness and provides odor protection for up to a full 48-hours a day. All of that goes without saying. However, what makes this deodorant really great is that it has a Powder Scent that not only smells great but is extremely feminine. Overall, it’s a product that goes on smoothly, is easy to use and just smells great.

4. Secret Clinical Strength Completely Clean Solid

48-hours of odor protection is ready for anyone who is willing to try out Secret Completely Clean Clinical Strength. This deodorant is not only designed to be more effective than competing at stopping wetness, but it actually performs almost 200{5c05b569976b88c8d50c9bf7ccba9aea5c54748d5d26ea371f902c4d4dacb9b0} better. This allows the wearer to keep their perspiration in check for as long as they need it to hold up. This is prescription strength wetness protection that can take the individual wearing from one day to the next without skipping a beat. And its clean scent, which is an inviting citrus aroma, is sure to instill the wearer with the confidence they need.

3. Secret Outlast Xtend Antiperspirant For Women

Anyone looking to keep dry during the day and to stop body odor before it has a chance to get started is going to want to try out this Secret deodorant brand. Outlast Xtend is a clear gel that’s designed to go on smoothly and cleanly, so it never leaves any white marks on skin or clothing. It’s also designed to provide the wearer with a full 48-hours of odor protection so they can go about their day with confidence. And since this product is unscented, it won’t ever compete with the wearer’s perfume, body spray or cologne. It’s a deodorant that gets the job done quickly and easily, so the wearer can accomplish whatever they need to accomplish.

2. Secret Scent Expressions Antiperspirant Boho Berry

One of the biggest problems women have with deodorants is that they tend to leave white marks on clothing. Fortunately, this clear gel doesn’t cause that problem. That’s because this product goes on smoothly and never stains clothing. That isn’t the only thing this deodorant has going for it, however. It’s also capable of providing the wearer with up to 48-hours of odor control and wetness protection. In fact, its unique formula is capable of putting a stop to underarm body odor before it even starts. This allows the wearer to stay odor-free and dry as well.

1. Secret Clinical Strength Clean Lavender Scent

Although this Secret deodorant is more expensive than just about all of its other formulations, there’s a good reason why that’s so. That’s because this deodorant is designed to be a clinical strength antiperspirant that can handle the toughest jobs imaginable. This product provides twice the amount of sweat protection over regular deodorant brands and will provide odor protection for up to 48-hours. It’s the strength level that can be easily used by athletes or other individuals who need an antiperspirant that’s capable of working as hard as they can. Why settle for inferior antiperspirants that can’t get the job done when Secret Clinical is available?

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