Best Solid Colognes in 2021 – Reviews

Solid colognes and perfumes are coming back into fashion, even though many people don’t realize that these products even existed in the first place. They were first invented in ancient Egypt, where people used a solid unguent as a type of perfume. Of course, the colognes that are popular nowadays are a little bit more advanced, but they’re still based upon the same principle.

Finding the right cologne in solid form isn’t always an easy proposition, however. Although they’re beginning to come into vogue, they’re still pretty new, and there aren’t a whole lot of products currently available. That’s why we’ve decided to search far and wide and find the best solid colognes currently available. Now anyone can find one that fits their style and smells good to them.

Best Solid Colognes

10. Outlaw Soaps Blazing Saddles Cologne

This solid cologne is designed to replicate the smell of the Old West, or at least, like the smell of an extra on a Western movie set. It does this by mixing a few different fragrances to make a cologne that is distinctly sublime and unique. Some of the scents that can be found in this cologne include sagebrush, leather, sandalwood, and even gunpowder. Those all come together to create a distinctive Western-inspired scent. Probably the best thing about this product, however, is that its scent isn’t too strong, so men can use it with confidence to create a unique fragrant ambiance for themselves.

9. Ulio & Jack Drifter Men’s Solid Cologne

Before we tried this product, we weren’t quite sure whether this solid cologne named Drifter was intended to be used by drifters or to smell like a drifter. However, our trepidation was soothed once we tried this product and found out that we loved the scent. This product smells quite a bit like mandarin mixed with cardamom that’s been draped over a scent structure of leather, sandalwood, and cloves. That makes it a deep, sensual scent that any man would be proud to wear. And because it’s made using beeswax, shea butter, and quality jojoba oil, it’s also a product that natural and phthalate-free.

8. The Gambler Bourbon-Inspired Cologne

If the smell of Old West dance halls and saloons are something the consumer likes, then they might want to try out this solid cologne. It’s called The Gambler and it has a scent that’s reminiscent of leather saddles, warm whiskey, and tobacco all mixed. This creates a smell that’s not too strong but is still sure to make an impact. Because this product is manufactured by hand in small batches, consumers can also rest assured that they’re getting a quality product. And because it’s contained in a portable tin, this product can be carried to the dance hall or saloon of the user’s choice without any hassle at all.

7. Mr. Gladstone Trevelin Cologne

Anyone who loves colognes that have a woody fragrance to them may want to check out Mr. Gladstone’s Trevelin Solid Cologne. This product has a scent profile that smells like the forests and backwoods of America. It’s a combination of cedarwood and juniper, vetiver and oakmoss, that’s all been mixed with notes of geranium and cinnamon. It’s a scent that’s sure to give the man wearing the confidence to go out and conquer their world. And because it’s contained in an easy-to-carry metal tin, this product can easily be taken to the office, to the gym, or just about anywhere else it’s needed.

6. Cremo Astonishingly Superior Bourbon & Oak Cologne

This traveling container of solid cologne is not only easy to carry, but it also has a beautiful scent to it that smells like a combination of smoked oak, bourbon, and special distiller’s spices. This product comes in a small 0.45-ounce tin that’s not only easy to slip into a pocket, suitcase or gym bag but is also completely approved by the TSA for travel. That means that this product can be taken virtually anywhere without the consumer having to worry about it too much. Now, no man has to stink because this quality cologne is ready to give them a pleasant, rich scent that will last them all day and through the night.

5. Duke Cannon Men’s Open Skies Cologne

Packaged in a metal container that’s easy to slip into a pocket or gym bag, this solid cologne can easily be used by any traveling man. This product is made in the U.S from quality natural ingredients and is never tested on animals, so consumers can use it with confidence. And because each of these tins holds 1.5-ounces of cologne, this product will last for quite a while before it’s gone, even if the consumer uses it several times a day. What’s impressive about this cologne, however, is its Open Skies Scent, a scent that is light, airy and contains just a touch of juniper.

4. Duke Cannon Men’s Naval Supremecy

This product is made in the U.S.A from quality ingredients and is designed for the traveling man who likes a little bit of adventure. This product is made from only organic and natural ingredients, so it’s safe to use daily. It’s also cruelty-free, so consumers can rest assured it has never been tested on animals. This product is aptly named Naval Supremecy because it’s a light water fragrance that has just a touch of citrus to it. And because it’s packaged in an oblong metal container, it’s very easy to take to the office, for business trips or weekends at the cabin.

3. Urban Prince Solid Balm Fragrance

This solid cologne is made for the discerning urban gentleman who wants to imbue themselves with a sense of sophistication and style. This product is a fragrant blend of scents that all come together to create something truly special. It’s a balance of grapefruit and cedar, lavender and spices that are all but guaranteed to turn heads. And because it’s packaged in a small metal tin, it’s very convenient to take on the go and can be taken just about anywhere. Because this cologne is solid, there’s also little risk of men overapplying it, so they can go about their day with the utmost confidence.

2. NZ Fusion Botanical Australian Sandalwood Solid

Not only does this high-quality solid cologne have a beautiful smell to it, but it’s also a product that’s manufactured using environmentally sustainable methods. This product is made using Australian Sandalwood oils and ground-up wood taken from the Australian Sandal Tree. And these ingredients are only harvested from sustainable plantations located in the Western part of Australia. This combination of real wood and essential oils creates a sensual, sexual, and sensual fragrance that men are going to love to wear daily. And because it’s packaged in a durable metal tin, it can be taken virtually anywhere it’s needed.

1. Bay Rum Solid Fragrance For Men

This solid cologne uses the best East Indies essential oils and a blend of unique spices to create a fragrance that’s not only masculine but also extremely sensual as well. It’s a cologne that’s packaged in a metal tin, so it’s very convenient for men to carry it to the office, to the gym or pack it into their luggage for those unexpected weekend trips. This product’s fragrance has top notes that are full of lemon, rum, and jasmine fragrances. It’s heart notes are slightly more floral, but still masculine, and include the scents of roses, lilac, carnations, balsam, and cedarwood. And at its base are the earthy tone of vanilla and patchouli to bring it all together and give it a warm aroma that’s sure to attract attention.

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