Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2021 – Reviews

Although Victoria Secret is better known for their lingerie than for their fragrances, they’ve been releasing new perfumes on a regular basis since the early 1990s. Now, this house has over 300 different perfumes in their repertoire, which can make it extremely difficult for people wanting to find out if one of their scents would suit them without having to try out hundreds of different fragrances.

Searching through their collection to find the best Victoria Secret perfumes was indeed a Herculean task, but it was a task were able to complete. We isolated ten of the best scents and then rated them according to several different factors. What we came up with was an eclectic list of perfumes that should prove useful to anyone looking for a new scent.

Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

10. Victoria’s Secret Original Pink

Known both as Original Pink and Pink 2013, this fragrance from Victoria’s Secret is the fruity fragrance that many women are looking for in a perfume. Although it’s scent profile isn’t all that complex, it is very interesting and produces a scent that’s unforgettable. This fragrance has 3 basic notes that intertwine and intermingle in some interesting ways, indeed. These three notes are peony flowers, mandarin orange, and neroli. This fruity floral composition is initially sweet on the nose, but it quickly sinks into a fragrance that can only be described as fragile and feminine. It’s definitely a nice smelling fragrance for the modern woman.

9. Victoria ‘s Secret Heavenly Perfume

Heavenly Eau de Parfum is a perfume that continues the trend towards simplicity by many different Victoria Secret’s fragrances. Unlike many of the perfumes it competes with, this fragrance is a simple blend of scent notes that come together just right and just work. As far as we can tell, there are about 4 different notes which permeate this formulation. There are peony and white musk, along with sandalwood and vanilla. Although these combination of notes aren’t very sophisticated, they do present an aura of enchantment that isn’t so easy to disregard. That makes it sexy, alluring and just about irresistible.

8. Victoria’s Secret Eau So Sexy

Eau So Sexy is a perfume that hasn’t been around as long as some other Victoria’s Secret fragrances, but it’s definitely a scent that’s worth exploring. First released in 2014, this perfume has a scent profile that kind of makes it smells like a dessert bar. At its very top are notes of apple and bergamot, and right below it tender notes of whipped cream dance through it. Even though it might not be the most sophisticated fragrance available, it is one that’s sweet on the nose. And it may not be a perfume that has any sort of longevity to it, but it sure has a delicate sillage that’s fun to wear.

7. Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Fragrance Love Spell

Love Spell Fragrance Mist by Victoria’s Secret isn’t a very mature scent, but it’s definitely a scent for the young at heart. This sweet perfume has top notes of peaches and cherry blossoms, middle notes of aloe vera and has base notes of chamomile. All of these notes come together to create a scent that’s vibrant, energetic and youthful. It has a moderate sillage and longevity that prevents the wearer from having to reapply it constantly. Although it’s definitely not a perfume that everyone will enjoy, it’s one that seems to be custom made for women who aren’t ready for middle age.

6. Victoria’s Secret Rapture Eau de Cologne

Although it may be true that many Victoria’s Secret Perfumes have sort of a candy scent profile that’s usually more appropriate for young girls than women, this scent is a little bit different. This is a surprisingly mature scent that many women are going to adore. It starts off with simple citrus top notes and then slowly moves through its heart notes. Heart notes which include rose, jasmine and freesia bouquet scents. At its very base is where the simplicity of this fragrance really comes together, however. That’s where the wearer will notice beautiful and lingering notes of vanilla, musk, and amber. It truly is a mature and sexy scent.

5. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy is a fragrance that can be hard to put into a category. On its face, it would appear to be a retro scent that seems to be a curious blend of blackberries and vanilla orchids with just a splash of clementines on top. However, as the product shines down, it seems to have a very unisex appeal to it that’s hard to describe. Although when we first reviewed this scent we expected a floral mass-marketed perfume, what we got was actually quite a surprise. Sure, it might not be a scent that everyone will appreciate but for those who do, it’s a scent that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

4. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell For Women

With exciting fruity top notes of strawberry, pineapple, tangerine, grapefruit and passion fruit, this perfume is ready to make a big impression to everyone around. It’s a big scent designed for bold women who long to be the center of attention, and it does a great job at capturing that sentiment. After its bold initial push of fruit fragrances, this perfume strikes again with its heart notes. These notes are sweet and floral and include the scents of peony, red berries, and vanilla orchid. And when it finally settles down into its base notes, everyone will get a good whiff of moss, wood, and musk.

3. Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Mist Vanilla Lace

Vanilla Lace is often considered to be an exotic perfume that has an Asian flair to it. It was initially launched in the early 2000s and has been known as a perfume that can be worn all year round. To adequately describe this fragrance, it has to be discussed from its base notes up. That’s because this perfume’s vanilla base is what makes this scent so fascinating. At its very top are notes of musk that intertwine and mingle with its base. The resulting scent profile is one that’s will have men licking their lips. That’s because the end composition is as sweet on the nose as buttercream is on the lips.

2. Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Divine

This Eau de Parfum spray has been around since 2000, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this is a great scent with a moderate sillage and longevity. Although it can be difficult to distinguish this perfume’s top notes from their base and heart notes, because all of them seem to run together, it still maintains an even composition throughout. It includes both floral notes and earthier notes, and many people consider it a good daytime scent for the spring and summer seasons. Some of the notes found in this formula include amber, hyacinth, lily, rose, cyclamen, jasmine and just a touch of musk.

1. Victoria’s Secret Noir Tease For Women

Released in 2010 as part of their Sexy Little Thing’s Collection, Noir Tease is a perfume that alludes playfulness, flirting and maybe a whole lot more. This fragrance has juicy top notes of apple, orange, and pear. Its heart notes include the spring floral scents of magnolia, freesia, jasmine, and gardenias. At its very base, down to the center of this fragrance, are the almost undetectable notes of vanilla, praline, and amber, with just a touch of sandalwood throughout. The absolute best things about this perfume, however, is that its sillage is soft as a whisper but still maintains good longevity.

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A Guide To Victoria Secret Perfumes

Victoria’s Secret is a company that’s known for invisible bras, angels walking down runways and scanty pieces of lingerie. Fortunately, more and more people are also realizing that they make some of the most delightful perfumes. However, what most people don’t realize is that this company has over 350+ perfumes in their perfume line.

With so many fragrances in their collection, people may find it overwhelming to buy the best Victoria Secret perfume available. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Armed with just a little bit of information, just about anyone can choose a Victoria Secret perfume that’s best for them. Towards that lofty goal, let us start this guide with the history of Victoria’s Secret.

The History Of Victoria Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a company that has a unique history, to say the least. It can trace its lineage back to 1977 when it was founded by Roy Raymond and Gaye Ramond. The company was founded because Roy Raymond thought that packaged underwear and nightgowns were ugly. Just a few years earlier, he had tried to buy lingerie for his wife at a department store and found the experience to be embarrassing. He thought that all of the nightgowns offers were ugly with big floral prints that he just couldn’t stomach. He also felt that the women’s department of the store marked him as an unwelcome guest, so he wanted to create a store where men would love to shop.

Roy Raymond borrowed $40,000 from his parents and an additional $40,000 from a bank and established Victoria’s Secret. He opened his first store in Palo Alto California in the Stanford Shopping Center. He chose the name Victoria’s Secret by combining the name of Queen Victoria with the idea of secret clothing lingerie hidden beneath day-to-day clothing. Since his wife was in a sorority called Pi Beta Phi that used angels as their mascot, he decided to incorporate the idea of Victoria’s Secret angels into the marketing and image of the company.

During the company’s first year in business, it generated approximately half a million in sales. In the early 1980s, it was making over $7 million a year. Their sales continued to increase over the next decade, but they wanted to increase their business model, so they decided to get into the perfume industry in 1992. The first perfume they released was Rapture—a perfume that was based upon a citrus and floral blend of notes. Unfortunately, in 2016, that fragrance was discontinued.

From the early 1990s to the present, the company would release several quality fragrances and has won an assortment of industry awards including Fragrance Of The Year Awards, Consumer Choice Awards, and even an award for Best Packaging Of The Year. Nowadays, this company has approximately 353 perfumes in their collection, and all of these fragrances are waiting for the consumer to select the one they like the best.

How To Choose The Right Victoria’s Secret Perfume

Before you can buy the best Victoria’s Secret perfume for you, it’s important to sort the fragrances into scents that you will definitely like, fragrances you might like and fragrances that you are not going to like. After all, with over 350+ fragrances to choose from, there’s bound to be plenty in each of these three categories.

One way to sort these various fragrances is by sorting them according to the Fragrance Wheel. If you’re not familiar with the Fragrance Wheel, allow us to sum it up quickly for you. This wheel sorts perfume’s notes according to one of four categories and several sub-categories. The four main scent categories include Floral, Oriental, Fresh, and Woody Notes. And each of these main scent categories is further divided into smaller sub-categories which include such classifications such as Aromatic, Dry Woods, and Fruity or Floral.

How is the Fragrance Wheel helpful to choose a Victoria Secret perfume? Well, you can use it to first decide which fragrance notes you like best and then find perfumes that emphasis these notes. For example, suppose you want a fruity-fresh Victoria Secret. If that’s the case, then you might choose something like Amber Romance—a perfume that was released in 2004. On the other hand, you might like something that’s more floral with fruity undertones. If that’s the case, then you would choose a perfume such as Angels Only—a perfume that Victoria’s Secret launched in 2014.

 Choose The Right Fragrance Type

Whenever most people come across a scent, they call it a perfume, even if the fragrance isn’t specifically a perfume. That’s because many people don’t know the nomenclature behind fragrances. Many people don’t know that there’s a difference between colognes, perfumes, EDT sprays, and Parfums. And each of these different fragrance types has different strengths and different rates of longevity. We’re here to educate all of our readers on this subject so that everyone can find out which Victoria’s Secret perfume is best for them.

Eau de Parfum: This is the strongest type of fragrance that Victoria Secret offers. Scents in this category include Heavenly and Angels Only. This type of fragrance will last anywhere from 7-8 hours and is just dabbed on the skin for the best results.

Eau de Toilette: This light body mist is designed for use during the day and lasts about 6-hours. Victoria’s Secret fragrances in this category include I Want Candy and Warm & Cozy.

Eau de Cologne: This type of fragrance is generally light and will likely only last 4-hours on average. A Victoria’s Secret fragrance that’s in this category includes Victoria Eau de Cologne—a scent that was released in 1991.

Disregard The Packaging & Name

The last thing to consider when buying Victoria’s Secret fragrance is just to disregard the way the packaging looks when you’re choosing a scent. That’s because Victoria’s Secret fragrance line is known for the packaging not reflecting the fragrance profile of the perfume inside the bottle. Some of their fragrances have flashy packaging, while the perfumes inside of them are on the softer side. Therefore, judge their fragrances not on their packaging or name, but only on the notes that they advertise the perfume to have. That will ensure that you get a scent that you’re happy with using.