12 Best Creed Colognes for Men in 2021 – Reviews

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The scent you wear is equally as important as the way you look. The right scent not only sets you apart, but it also gives a boost to your overall appeal and confidence. Wearing the right scent that fits your style and your personality presents you in the best light whether for a special occasion or a casual night out with friends.

We cannot tell you the best fragrance because this greatly depends on your personal preference. However, we recommend Creed as one of the best places to look if you are shopping for a new type of cologne.

House of Creed has a long history of producing the best, high quality and original scents for men and women. From the founding father, James Henry Creed, to the latest creators, the Creed brand remains the best in brewing quality fragrances acknowledged and recognized by celebrities.

Best Creed Cologes for Men

1. Creed Aventus Millesime Spray

Creed Aventus spray is a fragrance created by father and son, launched in 2010. It is marketed as a product that gives you a bold, striking and masculine scent perfect for any romantic occasion. The Creed Aventus remains one of the top selling scents in the brand’s history with its rich fruity smell.

The fragrance has notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, pineapple, vanilla, jasmine, and birch. Aventus is best for special occasions because of its long-lasting intoxicating aroma that is bound to draw people to you. And even though the price tag can make you turn the other way, this cologne’s longevity and fruit-sweet scent will truly merit the money spent.

2. Creed Green Irish Tweed

This is a simple yet strong fragrance launched in 1985 as Oliver Creed’s signature fragrance. Throughout the years, the Green Irish Creed still sells as the best cologne by the brand even in the 2017 market.

This perfume by Creed is widely popular with celebrities because of its vibrant and striking scent that stands out. Top notes of lemon verbena and iris virtually sends you to the Irish countryside.

You can also smell notes of violet leaves, sandalwood, and ambergris which help provide balance and give a fruity fresh scent. The Green Irish Tweed incorporates floral and woody scents that can leave heads turning.

This, therefore, makes this the cologne to wear for any formal occasion like a business meeting. Its elegant and masculine scent can last for many hours. Besides, the cologne’s earthy smell makes it an excellent perfume to wear during spring or the winter season.

3. Creed Imperial Millesime

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful Sicily shores, the Imperial Millesime boasts a warm and romantic scent packed in an eye-catching regal container designed with gold accents.

The cologne combines woody, fruity and salty notes making it a unisex perfume that ranks among the best Creed colognes available in the market today. The perfume was launched in 1995 and has a wonderful refreshing aroma.

The scents are moderately brewed therefore you will have to spray it at least twice in a day to maintain your sweet scent. Because the perfume mimics sensations of the seaside area, it is best worn during the hot summer months.

Creed’s Imperial Millesime perfume is a fun and refreshing cologne that is neither serious nor formal. The cologne allows you to add a natural touch to your scent while creating a warm and whimsical mood around you.

4. Creed Silver Mountain Spray

The Silver Mountain Perfume was launched in 1995 by the House of Creed as a casual cologne perfect for all skin types. Top notes of the Silver Mountain Water include Bergamot, neroli, and mandarin with blackcurrant and green tea in the middle and sandalwood and musk at the base.

Many people identify it with the refreshing clean scent that genuinely opens up senses. The cologne is not too strong although the musky note gives it an appealing scent. The cologne attracts different reactions from different people with a majority ranking it as a cool and refreshing fragrance.

However, there are a few who claim it has a depressing fragrance. The Silver Mountain Spray is great for any occasion or weather condition and boasts 6 hours longevity.

5. Creed Santal Cologne

The Creed Santal is a unisex cologne with an average price tag that will not dent your wallet. The scent is a combination of different woody, floral and fruity notes that make it stand out from the competition.

And while there are different notes combined to balance and give it a sweet scent, Creed Santal’s most recognized scents are aromatic, spicy and woody elements. The Santal has most masculine components, but it still compliments a woman’s natural scent perfectly.

6. Creed Vetiver Cologne for Men

The Creed Vetiver was introduced in 1948 as a perfume with different masculine components. The perfume is cool and clean with fragrance notes of vetiver, ginger, and cedar.

It is not as strong as other Creed colognes, but the perfume’s masculine scent projects a traditional gentleman vibe perfect for the evening. The perfume’s budget-friendly price tag equally ranks it among the best Creed colognes available in the market today.

7. Creed Himalaya Cologne

The Himalaya Cologne by Creed is a masculine fragrance released in 2002 for daytime wear. It has an outdoorsy smell with its perfect blend of grapefruits, aromatic woods, musk, and lemon.

Created by Oliver and Erwin Creed, the Himalaya Cologne draws inspiration from the mountain-climbing adventure that the creator traversed. The exotic blends of the cologne give it a natural and enticing scent that will surely draw compliments from people around you.

It does not last for long and will, therefore, compel you to spray at least three times a day depending on your preference. This setback is fortunately compensated with the scent’s overall quality.

8. Creed Royal Water Eau de Perfume

The Creed Royal Water is an invigorating masculine fragrance perfect for men in their late 20s and early 30s. The fragrance creates a romantic aura and conveys a charming personality for anyone who wears it.

It is the best cologne to wear on a romantic date or other formal events because of its masculine gentlemanly sensation that brings out a man’s confidence perfectly.

9. Creed Royal Oud Millesime

Creed Royal Oud Millesime is a new fragrance released by House of Creed in 2011. It is a warm spicy scent brewed for men and women with top notes of lemon, bergamot, and exotic pink berry.

Middle notes of the fragrance include cedar, angelic root and galbanum with sandalwood and Tonkin musk as base notes. These ingredients combine to give you a balanced fragrance with citrus and woodsy notes.

10. Creed Virgin Island Water Spray

This cologne is acclaimed by men and women because it creates an adventurous atmosphere reminiscent of the Caribbean waters. It is a simple and fantastic fragrance that creates a nostalgic vibe.

The cologne by Creed has an average price tag that will neither dent the wallet nor affect your budget. Creed Virgin Island Water Perfume is simply vibrant.

11. Creed Bois Du Portugal Eau de Perfume

Although the Bois du Portugal was launched back in 1987, the perfume remains one of the best colognes for men introduced by the brand. The perfume has an enchanting fragrance that continues to garner a lot of attention and positive reviews from buyers. It has an oriental and woody scent that highlights a man’s masculinity while still hinting at his softer and romantic side.

12. Creed Erolfa

The Erolfa is another exciting fragrance created by Oliver Creed. It is a reminder of the Mediterranean seas and carries a scent that portrays a happy family man with a generous and loving character. It is the best scent to wear for a fun adventure with your family.

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