Best Versace Perfumes For Women in 2021 – Reviews

versace perfume women

If you are a fashion-enthusiastic woman, you obviously know of the fashion brand, Versace. This brand is famous for its pride, style, and elegance. Versace designs clothes, beauty products, as well as perfumes.

The Versace perfumes for women are among the leading on the market, and they are known to deliver unique and classy fragrance. If you are spoilt for choice on the Versace perfume to purchase, here is a look at the top Versace perfumes for women you should give a shot.

Best Versace Perfumes for Women

1. Versace Bright Crystal

This is supposedly the best Versace perfume for women. It was introduced in 2006 and is also one of the most sold perfumes in the world. The first thing that’ll catch your eyes when you purchase this perfume is the elegant crystal-shaped bottle.

You’ll enjoy the sweet smell that comes with the first spray. The fragrance is balanced with natural Lotus and Magnolia notes. The fragrance concludes with seductive base notes that will undoubtedly appeal to men. Also, the smell is long-lasting throughout the day.

It’s a good perfume that you can wear to work or when running your errands during the day.


  • Elegant Bottle
  • Sweet Smell Profile
  • Has an Upbeat Vibe


  • Designed For Younger Women

2. Versace Eros Pour Femme

This perfume is yet another good choice if you want a seductive scent that is balanced with some wild notes. It was launched in 2014 and has remained on the top performers’ list over the years.

Eros Pour Femme comes with top notes of bergamot gerbera and pomegranate, which are blended well with the sexy jasmine and peony notes. The scent is then harmonized with a warm fragrance of amber musk. These notes assure you of a seductive scent that will give you some extra level of confidence around your friends.

As seductive as it is, the fragrance should work well for you if you are going out for a romantic evening. However, you can still wear it during the day when you are off to work.
Musky Overtones Can Be Strong


  • Sharp Citrus Top Notes
  • Long Lasting
  • Has a Luxurious Feel


  • Musky Overtones Can Be Strong

3. Versace Vanitas Perfume

Versace Vanitas joined the perfume world back in 2011, and it is one of the perfumes that are designed for the young and vibrant ladies. The perfume has been designed with a super fresh fragrance.

It starts with top notes of citrus lemon, orchid flowers, and Tiare flowers. The patchouli flavor then harmonizes it as the perfume settles. This also balances the lemon and floral fragrances to give you a unique scent of freshness. The base notes of cedar wood deliver a warm and appealing smell that will stay with you throughout the day.

You’d also love the nice bottle of the perfume, which has some yellow tinge that also features a gold-plated piece. It is a good choice for the young ladies under 25 years.


  • Long Lasting
  • Moderate Projection
  • Citrus Top Notes


  • Can Be a Bit Strong

4. Versace Yellow Diamond Perfume

If you are a fan of perfumes that come with an appealing look and packaging, then you would love the Versace Yellow Diamond. It doesn’t only look good, but it also delivers an irresistibly sweet floral-citrus scent.

It comes with top notes of pear sorbet, diamante citron, neroli, and bergamot. The fragrance is harmonized with middle notes of Nymphaea, mimosa, freesia, and orange blossom. The base notes are Palo Santo Wood, amber woods, and musk. You can be sure of having a fresh floral smell on you, which will appeal to men as well.

With its freshness, this is a perfect perfume to wear to work. However, it won’t last for too long, so you can carry it in your purse to spray after a few hours.


  • Fresh, Vibrant Profile
  • Citrus & Flowery Notes
  • Sweet Scent Profile


  • Doesn’t Last Long
  • Sillage a Bit Heavy

5. Versace Crystal Noir Perfume

This is yet another top Versace perfume for women that delivers appropriately. It comes with a luxurious fragrance that is appealing and refreshing. The perfume comes in a sophisticated bottle that is quite appealing. The lid is also one of a kind, and you can use the bottle as a décor in the house.

When you spray it, it will start with top notes of pepper, nutmeg, and ginger, which are then balanced with middle notes of peony, coconut, and African orange. The base notes of amber, sandalwood, and musk harmonize the fragrance to give you an irresistibly sweet smell.

If you’re one of the women who need a perfume that delivers a refreshing and long-lasting feminine fragrance, this should be a perfect choice for you. You can wear it to work or if you are going for a day out over the weekend.


  • Long Lasting
  • Exotic Scent Profile
  • Sophisticated


  • Sillage is a Bit Heavy

6. Versace Versense EDT Spray

Designed to be a scent suggestive of summer walks through breezy Mediterranean gardens, this Eau de Toilette spray has fruity top notes, flowery middle notes, and woody base notes. When first sprayed on the skin, this EDT spray releases notes of bergamot, figs, green mandarin, and pear. These notes quickly yield to its heart notes which smell very much like jasmine, and cardamom. It finishes everything off with nice subtle base notes of sandalwood, cedar and olive tree wood. Underneath all of that is a sexy musk scent that has a moderate amount of longevity and a sillage that isn’t too heavy.

While it’s top citrus notes come out strong, they’re never overpowering or end up overwhelming the wearer. It’s also a suitable fragrance for year-round use.  If there’s one complaint that could be said about this high-quality perfume, it’s that it ends up with a bit of a soapy finish that some people don’t appreciate. However, this isn’t the consensus among everyone, and some people find its finish to be clean and refreshing.


  • Sweet Mediterranean Scent
  • Sexy Scent Profile
  • Moderate Longevity


  • Ends With a Soapy Finish

7. Versace Woman Eau De Parfum Spray

Women who love a floral scent that has a modern profile but still tips a hat to perfumes of the 1990s may want to examine this complex perfume. It starts off with the light, floral top notes of rose, bergamot, and jasmine, then slowly fades into its heart and base notes. At its heart, this perfume contains notes of plum, raspberry, lotus and a touch of cedar. Eventually, this scent profile yields to its dark, smoky base notes which contain mere hints of musk and amber. While this scent profile isn’t very memorable, it also isn’t overpowering or offensive either.

With moderate sillage and average longevity, this perfume is strong enough to persist through most days but will need to be reapplied as the evening hours approach. It’s a scent that performs equally well at the beach as it does on a cool autumn day and can be worn for both day and night activities. While it’s not a scent that’s going to knock anyone off of their feet, it’s modern scent is pleasant and attractive.


  • Modern Scent
  • Floral Overtones
  • Dark Middle & Base Notes


  • Not a Memorable Fragrance

8. Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme

This perfume starts off with powerful fruity notes, gentle fade into flowery middle notes and then end on a finish that some wearers have described as soapy. Its top notes contain hints of black currant, green apple, clover, and peach. It’s heart notes smell like a combination of rose and jasmine. As it yields to its base, this perfume then begins to smell like patchouli, white oak, and musk. While this means that this perfume has a very feminine scent, it also means that it’s finishing notes leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s mainly a perfume intended to be worn during warm, summer days or cool spring days. It’s not a scent ever intended to be worn during the winter months and is definitely not one meant for evening use. One of this perfume’s flaws is that it has a weak projection that tends to fade off too quickly and isn’t very memorable. Although this perform will appeal to a large demographic of women, it’s not an overly impressive perfume.


  • Fruity Top Notes
  • Flowery Heart Notes
  • Very Feminine Scent


  • Finishes Soapy
  • Projection is Weak

9. Versace Red Jeans for Women EDT Spray

With a moderate sillage and longevity, this product won’t fade too quickly but isn’t considered to be a long-lasting fragrance. When first applied to the skin, this product comes out with strong floral notes that smell like apricot, ylang-ylang, and blackcurrant. It’s heart notes are released fairly quickly, and they suggest overtones of rose, violet, Lilly of the valley and water lily. When the fragrance eventually slips into its base notes, it is very reminiscent of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.

Although this perfume’s scent profile can be overpowering at times, it’s a sweet and feminine scent that many younger women will enjoy. And this is perhaps this fragrance’s greatest flaw. This perfume appeals to a narrow demographic and isn’t a scent that can be embraced by all women. It’s an immature scent that won’t be enjoyed by everyone.


  • Fruity Top Notes
  • Flowery Middle Notes
  • Sweet & Feminine


  • A Very Immature Scent
  • Floral Notes Can Be Overpowering

10. Versace Bright Crystal Absolu Eau de Perfume

Unlike Versace Bright Crystal, the sister product to this one, Versace Bright Crystal Absolu doesn’t deliver the longevity or the projection that many people would like it to deliver. While it starts off with bright floral notes which include yuzu, water, and pomegranate, it too quickly moves through its middle and base notes. This fragrance’s heart notes include peony, lotus, and magnolia, while it’s base notes are muskier and smell like amber and musk.

Although its performance leaves a lot to be desired, it does have a classic scent that is very complex and seems to smell differently every time it’s worn. Sometimes it smells like it has hints of raspberry and mahogany to it, and the other times it seems to have notes of rose in it. The one thing that can be said about it is that it smells very much like an expensive perfume, which makes it even more unfortunate that it doesn’t perform like a top perfume.


  • Bright Notes
  • Clean Floral Notes
  • Classic Scent


  • Longevity is Just Okay